‘Héroïnes’ has been received marvellously by the Dutch press!

Cum laude by Luister Magazine, the Leeuwarder Courant, Opus Klassiek and De Gelderlander

“A rich production, with a fantastically playing solist: Vrieswijks sound stands out because its pleasant depth, a layered sound profile which is to be considered rare. With a technical easy which makes one jealous and with inexhaustible ability to use her musical ideas she’s capable to make for instance the fifteen minute long Perpetuum Mobile of Lucie Robert interesting and exciting until the end.”

“Annelies and Mark (Toxopeus) make an outstanding duo. Not only spotlessly together, but so much attuned to each other that any differences in dynamics or articulation actually go together perfectly.”

‘Héroïnes’ contains pieces for solo saxophone and for saxophone and piano from three wonderful French composers: Paule Maurice, Jeanine Rueff and Lucie Robert. These women are my personal heriones and I tell more about these pieces and what they mean to me in the cd-booklet. Pianist and photographer Maaike Eijkman made a beautiful photo series capturing the essence of every piece in a single image.

You can order ‘Héroïnes’ via this link.




Syrène Saxophone Quartet – Water Works

Water Works

Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music Suite No.1 in F HWV 348
Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music: Suite No. 2 in D HWV 349
Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music: Suite No. 3 in G HWV 350
Celia Swart, Underwater l for tenor saxophone en baritone saxophone
Celia Swart, Underwater 2 voor soprano saxophone
Celia Swart, Underwater 3 voor alto saxophone.

Syrène Saxophone Quartet – Fresh, Sweet and Sturdy

Fresh, Sweet & Sturdy

Joseph Haydn, String Quartet Op. 20, no. 1
– Allegro moderato
– Allegretto
– Affettuoso e sostenuto
– Presto

Leo Samama, Syrènes
George Gershwin, An American in Paris

Rodion Trio – Music as a medicine

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Divertimento in D major
Franz Liszt, Consolation 2
Anton Webern, Kinderstück
Johann Sebastian Bach, Goldberg Variations
Pjotr Iljitch Tchaikovski, At the Fireside
Richard Straus, Morgen
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Sonata Representativa

Rodion Trio – Enchanted!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, De Toverfluit; Ouverture
Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovski, Nutcracker suite
Nicolai Rimski-Korsakov, Scheherazade; The Young Prince and The Young Princess
Paul Dukas, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice