My first solo-cd ‘Héroïnes’ is now available!

For years a had a dream to record the music of three special French composers: Paule MauriceJeanine Rueff and Lucie Robert. Their works for saxophone are absolutely wonderful: very powerful and full of color. These composers understand what’s distinct about a saxophone, what a saxophone can do! To me, a passionate advocate for the classical saxophone, these women are real heriones.

Strangely enough most of the compositions of these women have hardly been recorded. Therefore I wanted to make the first album to unite these wonderful composers, an album where their music receives the attention it deserves. From all three of them I chose a piece for solo saxophone and a piece for saxophone and piano. Six works in total.

Because all the pieces on the CD have such a visual character, I have asked pianist and photographer Maaike Eijkman to capture the spirit of every individual piece in an image. And my close friend and colleague Mark Toxopeus has been kind enough to take on the piano parts.

You can ‘Héroïnes’ via this link.




Syrène Saxophone Quartet – Water Works

Water Works

Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music Suite No.1 in F HWV 348
Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music: Suite No. 2 in D HWV 349
Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music: Suite No. 3 in G HWV 350
Celia Swart, Underwater l for tenor saxophone en baritone saxophone
Celia Swart, Underwater 2 voor soprano saxophone
Celia Swart, Underwater 3 voor alto saxophone.

Syrène Saxophone Quartet – Fresh, Sweet and Sturdy

Fresh, Sweet & Sturdy

Joseph Haydn, String Quartet Op. 20, no. 1
– Allegro moderato
– Allegretto
– Affettuoso e sostenuto
– Presto

Leo Samama, Syrènes
George Gershwin, An American in Paris

Rodion Trio – Music as a medicine

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Divertimento in D major
Franz Liszt, Consolation 2
Anton Webern, Kinderstück
Johann Sebastian Bach, Goldberg Variations
Pjotr Iljitch Tchaikovski, At the Fireside
Richard Straus, Morgen
Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Sonata Representativa

Rodion Trio – Enchanted!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, De Toverfluit; Ouverture
Pjotr Iljitsj Tchaikovski, Nutcracker suite
Nicolai Rimski-Korsakov, Scheherazade; The Young Prince and The Young Princess
Paul Dukas, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice